Tennis Etiquette

All members should show courtesy and consideration for others while on and off the courts. Correct behavior should be displayed at all times. Members whose behavior is deemed inappropriate may be asked by management to leave the Club and may have their membership privileges suspended.

Please follow these guidelines as outlined in the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct of Tennis Canada. It is the obligation of every player to learn, know and understand the rules.

• Dangerous or violent racquet or ball throwing, loud vulgar language and similar behavior will not be tolerated. Unsuitable etiquette may result in playing privileges being revoked.

• Players should abide by the dress code and must always wear proper footwear for the court surface. See our General Information and Club Rules for more detail on dress code and footwear.

• Always try to arrive in good time to get onto the court. Wait until it is your time before entering the court.

• NEVER walk across another member’s court while play is in progress. Wait until the point is over and then proceed quickly behind the baseline to your court.

• If a ball rolls onto your court, return it as soon as is possible by directing it to one of the players so that it reaches him/her on the bounce. Do not flip it back without caring where it goes. If you are in the middle of a point either, stop play, return the ball and play a “let” or return the ball as soon as the point is over.

• If your ball rolls onto another court, wait for the other members to return it to you. DO NOT run onto the other court to retrieve it. Wait until play stops before asking for your ball.

• Avoid any possible disagreements regarding the score by calling the game score before your first serve and by calling the point score each time you go to serve thereafter. If there is a disagreement about the score and a consensus cannot be reached, as a least resort, spin a racquet.

• Do not keep up sustained conversation on the court. This may bother other players around you.

• Always clearly signal “out” balls even if you see them as obviously out. It may not be so obvious to your opponent and eliminates any possibility of misunderstanding.

• Never call “good” or “in” during a rally. Say nothing unless the ball is out.

• Never stall. Play with deliberation but at your normal speed. Taking more than 30 seconds between points constitutes stalling.

• On the court, spin the racquet first to decide service and ends and then warm‐up for 5 minutes.Practice your serves during the warm‐up, never as it becomes your turn to serve (this is against the rules of tennis).

• Call the lines fairly and generously.

• Play within the spirit of the best traditions of the game and have FUN!